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The birth of the world brand "Coca-Cola"

Coca-Cola is a well-known soft drink. There are many famous brands in the world, but in terms of penetration into every corner of the world, Coca-Cola is probably the number one in the world. I think it is a brand that symbolizes the strong American lifestyle of the good old days.






It originated in the 1886's with John S. Pemberton, based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
At the time, natural remedies were being promoted due to a shortage of doctors, and there was a tendency for carbonated water to be used for natural remedies due to the fact that carbonated water could be produced artificially. Was.
And soda fountains for drinking pharmacies and drinking carbonated water were added to pharmacies.
A pharmacist, Pemberton, developed the syrup and sold it to pharmacies.
The combination of this syrup and carbonated water is the birth of Coca-Cola.
Originally, Pemberton was intended to use soda to help digestion, but the spread of sweetness and a refreshing refreshment to the customer made it surprising.

Coca-Cola's name comes from two components.
Coca refers to cocaine, cocaine in South America.
Cola is African cola nut, caffeine.
At the beginning of development, these ingredients were included, but in 1905 they stopped including them.
In most cases, it is called Coke, not Coca-Cola.

It is said that Coca-Cola's breakthrough was due to its outstanding marketing.
The person who contributed to this breakthrough was Asa Griggs Candler.
Pemberton, who developed the syrup, sells Coca-Cola rights to Candler without realizing its great potential.

Candler thoroughly promoted and advertised.
A lot of novelties were made and penetrated the American people.

I had a longing for overseas, especially the United States, since I was a student.
It is about 40 years ago.
In this era, there is no Internet, of course, and overseas information is mainly collected in magazines.
In my case, I obtained information by ordering a catalog of American products by airmail.
Looking at the designs that are not exist in Japan, I have further strengthened my longing.
I was particularly interested in Coca-Cola publicity, novelties, sundries, and clothing.

Candler was focused on selling Coca-Cola at the Soda Fountain, but Joseph A. Bidenhahn, a Soda Fountain operator in Mississippi, comes up with the idea of selling bottled Coca-Cola.
The Coca-Cola bottling business began in 1899.







(Coca-Cola bottle 1899)

I think Coca-Cola bottles have a very unique and sophisticated design.
Sometimes the design of a Coca-Cola bottle is said to resemble a woman's body, but it was actually designed to eliminate counterfeits.
At the request of Coca-Cola for a design that cannot be imitated anywhere, the Contour bottle was designed by Rootgrass of Indiana.
"Contour" means something with a curved appearance.







(Coca-Cola bottle 1915)

What made Coca-Cola even more exciting was the emergence of the Automatic Fountain Dispenser.
Retailers can now offer cold Coca-Cola.
Coca-Cola was very active at various event venues.






I was able to visit Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. for about 20 years since I was a longing student.

Next time I would like to talk about the Coca-Cola Museum.

World of Coca-Cola

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