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Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival 1 Night 2 Day Trip

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Shiba-sakura Festival

My daughter's husband came to Japan from the United States.
He is American.
I asked him where you want to go ?
He said he want to go Mt.Fuji.
So it was almost over, but I decided to go to the Fuji Shiba Sakura Festival.

This year's season was from April 13 (Sat) to May 26 (Sun), 2019, and we visited on May 24, 2019.
Although I could not see the bright pink color seen in the picture, I was able to see the top of Mt. Fuji with good weather.
Shibazakura was also a little dull, but I enjoyed it with Mt. Fuji.
One day I would like to go again to see the vivid shibazakura.
After all, Mt. Fuji is the heart of the Japanese.
I was healed.

This article describes the process of taking Americans around the Shibazakura Festival.

Fuji motosuko Resort

Fuji Motosuko Resort is the venue for the Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival.
This time, we went by private car, but please see the official site for other way of transportation.

Shiba-sakura Festival

Going on the Chuo Expressway from Chofu Interchange to Kawaguchiko Interchange.
It's about two and a half hours.

Admission and parking fees

Stop the car at the parking lot of the venue and head to the entrance.
Parking was not at its peak.
After all, it seems that there is a lot of congestion during the heyday, and people often wait for long time.
You pay for parking when you leave. 500 yen

Buy a ticket at the entrance.
The entrance fee is 600 yen for adults (junior high school students and older) and 300 yen for children (3 years and older).
You can also buy it online beforehand.
In this case, the above amount will be reduced by 50 yen each.

I remembered that visitors were mostly foreign tourists, especially Chinese.
Street entertainment is performed in the area where shops are gathered to entertain tourists.
Although late in the event, it is full of tourists.


At the venue, there are many B-class gourmet shops.
I ate Fujinomiya Yakisoba.
There are many other delicious dishes such as "Yoshida Udon", "Koshu Hotou", "Shibazakura Ramen" and "Shingen Karaage".
There are also sweets such as "Kikyo Shingen Mochi Soft", "Shizuoka Prefecture Strawberry Jam Soft", and "Yakidango (Miso)".
I think young and old can enjoy it.

















At the time of arrival, clouds were covering the summit of Mt.Fuji, but the top was gradually visible.
We had a meal, took pictures while walking, and spent about 2 hours.

Narusawa Ice Cave











After leaving Fuji Motosuko Resort @ Fuji Shibazakura Festival, we stopped at Narusawa Ice Cave before heading to the inn tonight.
The Narusawa Ice Cave is located at the eastern entrance of the Aokigahara Jukai, burning more than 1150 years ago during the eruption of Mt. It is a cave created by flowing lava flow.
The inside has an average temperature of 3° C, total length of 153m, and height of 1 to 3.6m.

Admission and parking fees

Purchase tickets at an automatic ticket vending machine in front of the entrance.
The entrance fee is 350 yen for adults (over junior high school students) and 200 yen for children (over elementary school students).
A set ticket is available if you visit both near and near Fugaku Wind Cave.
Adults (junior high school students and above) 600 yen Children (primary school students and older) 300 yen.
Parking is free.

Business hours and closed days vary depending on the season.
See the official site for details.

Narusawa Ice Cave

It was nice to wear a long-sleeved parka because the temperature is low.
Wear a helmet when entering the inside.
Be careful!

At the point which height is the lowest, there are some places where you cannot pass unless you are completely crouched.
(I am 180cm tall)
Most people hit their heads against rocks as they pass low places.
There are few lights inside, and it is sometimes difficult to grasp how the rock is protruding.
The scaffolding, such as the section where you walk on the middle waist and stairs on a steep slope, may be wet, so you need physical strength and attention.






The icicles were stunning. It is lighted up and you can immerse yourself in a fantastic atmosphere.

Enoshima Legend

Inside the Narusawa Ice Cave there is a hole called "Hell Hole".
It is said that water flows into this hole, but it does not seem to know how far it continues, but there is a legend that it seems to be going to a cave on Enoshima in Sagami Bay.

Is it about 20 minutes from entering the ice cave to coming out.
My back got hurt on the way, but sometimes I thought I could explore the underground.


Garden Villa

Leave the Narusawa ice cave and head for the inn.
We came back close to the Kawaguchiko interchange.
Today's inn is "Garden Villa".











Garden Villa

The second floor of the owner's house is a rental space.
The entire second floor is reserved for private use.
It is wide.
Three bedrooms, living room and terrace.
The living room has an area of 20 tatami mats.






The terrace is also large.
Sleeps up to 9 people in bed.











It's a bit off Mt. Fuji from Route 139, so it's easy to buy groceries.
I am a camping outdoor enthusiast.
My daughter's husband likes also outdoors.
I like the style of self-catering in a stylish kitchen while relaxing in a quiet house surrounded by greenery.
The Nasu Kogen cottage I took last time was also very pleased.

Buy groceries, beer, etc. at the supermarket on the way from the Narusawa ice cave, Cooking listening favorite music ,and drinking beer!
We had really fun.

It was a deep day.

On the second day the next day, we will head to Lake Yamanaka.


Fuji Shiba Sakura Festival Photo Gallery