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Brimfield Antique Show

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Antique mecca you want to go to once


Brimfield is located on the outskirts of Boston.
Here in Brimfield the antique market is held three times a year.
It is said to be the largest in the United States, with 5,000 exhibitors gathering.
It is located along Route 20, the main street of Brimfield.
Exhibitors do not deploy in indoor booths, but exhibitors build tents and sell along the street.

It feels like a big festival in a rural town, and it has a very good atmosphere.
There are a wide variety of items for sale, and various items are on sale.
It's like finding bargains.

Tableware such as Fire King, Pyrex, antique cloth, retro furniture, posters and calendars, accessories and used clothes.
It even sells traffic lights and road signs.
There are also light snack shops in the stalls, where you can find bargains while eating american-style fast food such as hot dog and coke.
Traders seriously talk about business, and I think that it is an antique market that tourists can enjoy.






Official site



  • May 14 – 19
  • July 9 – 14
  • September 3 – 8

Please check on the official website for the next year.



1 Main St, Brimfield, MA 01010 US


Regarding to my visit, When I left Japan and arrived at Boston Logan International Airport, I rented a car to Brimfield.
Public transportation to the venue of the Brimfield Antique Show has a means of using a bus, but there is no bus stop near the venue,
You will have to use a taxi after getting off the bus.
It is not realistic because it is quite troublesome.

It is about 100km about 1.5 hours from Hartz Rental Car Office at Logan International Airport to Brimfield.

Hertz Rent a Car

Boston Logan International Airport
156 Tomahawk Drive , Building 42 A Boston , Massachusetts 02128 US

Phone: (617) 568-5200
FAX: (617) 569-3276
Opening hours: Mon-Sun Open 24 hours

Move to the sales office by shuttle from the airport to "Rental Car Center (RCC)" .
At the airport exit, look for the sign "Rental Car & Blue Line".

If you make a reservation from the official site in advance, it will be smooth.
At this time I rented a Nissan car.







It is about 100km from Boston and an hour and a half.
Since it was difficult to return to Boston, I stayed and did sightseeing around the area.






Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center
366 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA 01566 US
Phone: 508-347-7393
Fax: 508-347-3944

It is about 10km 20 minutes from the venue of the Brimfield Antique Show.
Very close and convenient.











Official site

Sightseeing around

Old Sturbridge Village






Located in Sturbridge, a town in south central Massachusetts.
It resembles New England life from the late 18th century to the early 19th century.
I was dealing with Old American merchandise and it was one of the places I wanted to visit.

Old Sturbridge Village
1 Old Sturbridge Village Road Sturbridge, MA 01566 US






It is a good opportunity to experience the history of those days.
Farm jobs, shops of the time, and charming homes.
People wearing costumes from those days are working.
A place to experience authentic New England tradition and history.






Official site


I visited the Sturbridge and Brimfield on the outskirts of Boston.
Both were good old country towns, and it was a time to feel the history.
Later, I returned to Boston and enjoyed a city tour of Harvard University and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.