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Old Town Orange

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Old Towne, Orange Historic District

After spending two days at the California Market Center exhibition, we rented a car and went to LA suburbs.
It is about 50km south from downtown Los Angeles.
A little south of Anaheim. It's Old Town Orange.
It originated in the past when orange cultivation flourished.

If you are an antique and vintage miscellaneous fan! you should visit to this town once.






Plaza Square






West Chapman Street
Going west from Plaza Square

As the name suggests, it was a vintage town as if you had a time slip.
A blissful time while relaxing at the Plaza Square cafe.
You can feel the good old America while watching the occasional vintage Chevrolet and Harley.
There are many shops with very cute impressions and many antique shops.
Many cafes and other restaurants have an open-style restaurant, which is a stylish image.
A wonderful town where you can feel the good old days.
It is also a United States National Register of Historic Places.






The photo below is a shop that deals with cute miscellaneous goods, and is a shop of decorative miscellaneous goods.
It was an interior-related shop from mugs to tables and chairs.
Design is country style, American pop style,
Anyway, it was full of fun-designed products.
At that time, it was a design that was rarely seen in Japan, so we bought a lot of them.






Country Roads Antiques & Gardens






Official site

They mainly handle gardening goods at antique shops.
This is country miscellaneous goods!

Address: 204 W. Chapman Avenue Orange, Ca 92866
Phone: 714.532.3041


Finally, here is an example of a purchased product.






A side table with a fun pop illustration






Plate with text design
If you cook for boyfriend or girlfriend with this dish,






Pop mug (Kelloggs)


Old Towne, Orange Historic District


Less than an hour drive from downtown Los Angeles. Distance about 50km
Enter Interstate Highway 5 (I-5-S).
Follow I-5 S to Glassell St in Orange and exit CA-22 E at 16.
Follow 16 to Grand Avenue on Glassell Street.
Follow Glassell Street until you reach Plaza Square.
Plaza Square is the central area, so park your car and take a walk.