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After visiting Old Town Orange and San Juan Capistrano, we visited Pomona Antique Town.
Old Town Orange and San Juan Capistrano were in a completely different direction, so we visited the next day.
Pomona is a city located in Los Angeles County, about 50 km 1 hour east of downtown Los Angeles.

Pomona cityscape





















Pomona Antique Row

It is an antique shopping street in Pomona.
Antique shops line the eaves across the street.
Not so big.





















Pomona's antique row is famous for toy antiques.
Unfortunately, in my case, the interior of the living room and kitchen was not purchased.





Head east on Interstate Highway 10 (I-10E) from downtown.
Follow I-10E to W Mission Blvd in Pomona and exit CA-71S at 14B.
About 50km east of downtown Los Angeles for less than 1 hour